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Our Manufacturing Process

The process matters.

At Foltz Machine, we’ve worked hard to optimize the original

Brownlee process of screw tip manufacturing.  We consistently

deliver quality products in a wide variety of materials and

specifications to meet our clients’ needs.


  • Our CNC and CAD-CAM technology ensures accuracy and
    repeatability, guaranteeing you receive screw tips that meet
    every specification, every time
  • Brownlee wear parts are precision ground for a more
    consistent shot size and improved material shut-off.
  • Our 37,000 square foot facility has heat treating capabilities
    for optimum process control.
  • We have the ability to meet a wide variety of process
    specifications – from material selection and machining to
    heat treating and surface finishes.
  • Our experience with a widely diverse array of materials and
    processes ensures we can help with demanding
    applications across many different industries.

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A 3-piece retainer being milled in one of our HAAS high speed CNC mills.

A front seat from our 4-piece valve featuring our patented carbide insert design for increased wear resistance.


Foltz Machine, LLC. Logo