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Foltz Machine, LLC Acquires

Brownlee Engineering



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Foltz Machine, LLC acquires Brownlee Engineering

Foltz Machine, LLC, a full service machining, fabrication and assembly shop, recently acquired Brownlee Engineering and Manufacturing.


Brownlee, formerly of Brownlee Avenue NE in Canton, produced 3- and 4-piece screw tips for injection molding applications.


Foltz Machine will continue to manufacture and produce all of the Brownlee products using the Foltz facility and capabilities. Key Brownlee personnel have been retained.


Dave DiCola, President of Foltz Machine, LLC said previous Brownlee customers should expect an improved delivery response time in doing business under Foltz, as well as an improved product. Foltz uses CNC machining technology, rather than Brownlee’s manual machines, resulting in greater precision and higher-quality products.


“At Foltz, our mission is squarely focused on growth,” DiCola said. “The Brownlee acquisition allows us to use our existing competencies to grow into previously untapped areas.”


Foltz Machine, LLC was founded in 1973 and has become a well-known leading provider of job shop machining services and custom-built machinery, handling all machining, fabrication or turnkey machinery and equipment building.


“We see this as an opportunity to diversify outside of our traditional metalworking applications in a way that makes sense for our business,” DiCola said. “We’re excited about this acquisition and think former Brownlee customers will be pleased with the level of product and service we will be able to provide.”


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