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Fabricating Examples

Think manufacturing, not just machining.



All the right equipment. Certified welders. First rate fabricating capability.  

We mentioned before that we're not just machinists. We're

From our perspective, that has to mean more than just
custom job shop machining services. It means we can
help with your manufacturing needs from concept planning
through final weld, assembly, and testing. In other words,
we're a full service manufacturing facility that goes beyond
simply making parts that match your drawings.

Our certified welders staff two shifts to ensure that your
most important projects get extra attention when you
need it the most. And when your project requires heat treating, stress relief, plating, grinding or just about any other finishing process, we can help through our turnkey project management process. At Foltz Machine, we provide fabrication services as a part of your entire solution for an added convenience to you.

Whenever your manufacturing requirements extend beyond one or two operations, think Foltz Machine. We can help with a wide variety of metalworking projects and end use applications.

Fabrication Equipment and Capabilities

Large capacity positioning table

MIG & TIG welding processes

Silver brazing and soldering on non-ferrous metals

Precision fitting and welding

ANSI/ASME certifications

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