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Employee Testimonials

Wondering what's in it for you?

By joining Foltz Machine, you’ll discover why so many of our employees have decided to make a career here. Our employees understand the importance of precise quality; they have a strong commitment to meeting delivery deadlines and share our renewed emphasis on growing the company’s capacity and overall capabilities. We hope you’ll consider Foltz Machine when deciding where to build your career.

Our exceptional company culture starts with our people. Take a look at what some of our employees had to say about working for Foltz Machine:

Generations of Dedicated Employees
“My grandparents started Foltz Machine in 1973. I know they would be pleased with the recent improvements and expansions the company has undergone in the last year. I’m proud to represent a new generation with Foltz Machine and am excited to watch the company grow as an employee.”

- Robert D., Material Preparation and General Labor. Employee since 1990.

Capable and Hardworking People
“I am proud to be a part of the Foltz Machine team. I am surrounded by intelligent, honest and hardworking people who I collaborate with daily. This is a good company with a solid future.”

- Glenn Z., Grinding and Milling. Employee since 2014.

Emphasis on Family
“Foltz Machine is a great place to work. The company is very family-oriented and very safety oriented with an A+ product.”

- Mark P., Assembly and Maintenance. Employee since 2002.

Opportunities for Advancement
“Over the last 27 years with Foltz Machine, I have not only advanced with the company, but I also have a true sense of security. Over the years, Foltz has treated both customers and employees as a number one priority – which is the very foundation of a successful company. I am proud to be a part of this team. ”

- Dan D., Quality Assurance & Estimating. Employee since 1988.

We’re proud of our employees and the culture they represent. Sounds like they’re proud, too.  Contact us today to apply for your future at Foltz Machine.


Foltz Machine, LLC. Logo