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3-Piece Valves

Economical valves that get the job done.

Our Brownlee 3-piece screw tips are ideal for many injection

molding processes. Our three-piece models are available in a

variety of tough-duty alloys, and are often tool steel nitride

and/or carbide faced to withstand high abrasion production



We are capable of providing valves and tooling for your specific

application needs. We provide Brownlee H13, D2 and CPM9V

screw tips in the 3-piece model, and alternative materials are

available upon request:


  • H13
    These general purpose screw tips work well for resins that
    contain no adders or fillers. H13 steel is the standard in its class due to its economical pricing and overall versatility.
  • D2
    These lower speed, hardened tool steel tips are ideal for many different injection molding applications.
  • CPM9V
    Generally used in high wear applications, the CPM9V screw tips are used for filled resins up to 30% and have an increased abrasion resistance.


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3-piece retainer being processed in one of our HAAS turning centers.


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